Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Litte bit of core, little bit of strength

In the morning, I decided I try the P90x Ab ripper routine. I took it right off youtube. A couple of young dudes were doing it while watching it. I could hear the rep count and just did what they did. A challenging core workout to say the least. Out of the 30 reps per exercise (which was presented) I did probably 20 and am sure I will feel it tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I did some strength training. Something that I have been putting off for awhile. Seems like every time I want to start, I have an upcoming race and do not want to get injured/sore. What a poor excuse! Did some Bulgarian lunges, one-legged rows, overhead squats (just the bar) and 25 burpees. Did 15 reps for each exercise for 2 sets....easing my way back. Felt good except my shoulder felt like it got tweaked on the ohs? We'll see.

Gonna hit the roads with Jay in the morning. Back to the four am wake up call...should be fun. Looking to get anywhere from 8-10 miles. Temps should be comfortable until friday when another storm is looking to bury us. Ah, winter in new england....

Emailed the RD for the fells ultra, steve latour, and he said the their will be a sign-up on by the end of the month. This looks to be my next ultra. Its local, free and sounds like a lot of fun.

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