Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hill's Course

Jay and I did the designated hill's course today on the roads in grafton. It consisted of the climb up brigham hill, east st. and north st. All decent hills that really never seem to end. We've done this route at least twice prior and once in the opposite direction. I don't know for sure, but today's time at an hour and three minutes sure felt like the fastest we've completed it.

My shoulder, which I tweaked doing OHS yesterday, simply hurts. Not so much on the run, but when I move it in specific motions it kills. Shear pain pulling down the curtains in our house. I'm banking on a muscle strain and I'll give a few days rest. Also on the run, my ITB started to act up. This was huge problem for during the month of June and the ultra I ran down in DC. I scaled back my running then and did a ton of mt. biking to keep my cardio up which worked well. I may have to do the same now.

The foot, shoulder, now knee. Bad the come in three's?

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  1. Use the Mwod's on your ITB. Guarantee it will help. You probably didn't hurt your shoulder so much as you lost all the flexibility you had in your shoulder to do OHS's that it's sore today.