Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fresh Tracks

Jay and I hit off a quick trail run during our lunch break at the wheeler road trails. Freshly fallen snow of about 4 inches gave us an interesting surface to run on. On the first loop, the traction was tough and we slipped around a bit (even though we both had traction), however on the remaining loops the snow was packed somewhat and our cleats kept us upright.

The recent snowfall, forecasted as a dusting to an inch, turned out to be about four inches, looked very picturesque hanging off the pines and out across the lake. I realized while on the run that sometimes I need to stop and look around more (although it is hard  to do as a trail runner), especially in the winter when the trails are somewhat tamer.

Looking at another big storm coming in wednesday afternoon into thursday night. Better get out the snowshoes again!

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