Monday, January 24, 2011


Yeah, that's right. Its was minus 9 when I stepped out my car this morning at 5:00 am. I heard on the news too that with the wind it may have gone down to as low as minus 25. A cold start to say the least. Wearing more layers than humanly possible while running, I took my first strides in the woods off of wheeler road in grafton.

Jay and I had noticed last week on a road run (which passed the trail head) that the trail was broken out nicely. Of course this was thrusday and before the big storm that rolled in that evening. Alas, this morning, the trails were packed down by snowmobile, snow shoes and x-country skiers leaving me a hard pack ravine that my microspikes could dig into. So thanks to all you who made my job easier this morning!

I started off with just tights and long socks for my lower body, but I ended up putting on fleece pants when I stepped out of the car. I could feel that cold air ripping through my tights and knew it wasn't enough. For the upper body, an under armour, long sleeve, fleece jacket, gloves and mittens, hat and balaclava did the trick. I was not able to drink any water during the 46 minute run which was unusual for me. I take water on all runs, no mater the distance. I am also a "spitter" and could not with the balaclava on, which was a nuisance.

All in all a true test of mind and body. Cold weather may detoure people from exercising outside, especially in new england. However, if one dresses properly and takes all necessary precautions (I did many loops in the woods, never more than 5 minutes from my car), exercising outside in the cold can be quite invigorating.

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