Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Run Back

Well, I'm not recovered. Not even close. After a week of landscaping, hauling more 98lb Versa-Lock blocks around and cutting about 20 lawns, I thought I was ready to go. The legs felt fine today and I was up in the White Mountains so how could not run, right?

Ran the East Side Trail and Pine Island Trail at the Lincoln Woods trailhead. Nice run. No hills really. Had to walk one. Pathetic. I was moving well at first, flying actually. But after about 3 miles in, I was toast. Felt like mile 85 from last weekend. Gonna be smart and come back nice and slow.

Race report in the works from VT. Excited to hit my sub 20 goal, but looking back I could have done better. Quads were toast mid-way through and downhills were agony by the last 50k. If I trained more on the downhills, I think I may be able to hit around 18:30 or better. Next year. Maybe...


  1. Wait to tear it up at Vermont, Justin. Can't wait for the report.

  2. Great run. Thanks again for sub 20 pacing.

  3. Great job up there in VT!

  4. Thanks everyone. Race report in progress. A weekend in the whites, grad school and life are slowing me down. Almost done though.