Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tempo and Stuff

Ran at rayburn this morning with Jesse.  We ran a tempo at a slightly slower pace than usual. Not getting any sleep during the night may be the contributing factor on that one. Still hanging tough though and figure running tired is good training for VT (I hope!).

Got my crew rounded out for VT. My bro in law and sister will be joining us. Adam is an expert navigator and woodsman who led the charge up in Maine for the 100 Mile Wilderness run and my sister was on my Wapack 50 crew for my first ever ultra run in 2010. This is in addition to my wife and fam and Jesse, who will be pacing me, and his fam.

Been reading various race reports from the VT100 over the past few days and am getting amped for this one. I think initially the 70% of gravel road turned me off, but now I think with the hills and scenery that people describe, I won't even notice.

Initial goals for the VT 100 are to go under 24 hours and place in the top 25. Ultimate goals would be to go sub-20 and place top 10, but that could be a stretch.

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