Monday, May 21, 2012

Wah Wah Chusett

Jesse and I started out our Sunday morning at Wachusett Mtn. at 4:30 am (yikes!!). We carpooled over and commented many times on how we are crazy and should be sleeping like all the "normal" people. Run time was 2:55 total for about 15 miles. Hit the summit 4 times with 3 being full climbs and the last about a 3/4 climb back up. My legs were junk from the get go, so I knew it was going to be a long morning. They felt run-down (Wapack anyone...) and I seemed to be breathing a lot heavier on the climbs than I usually do. I hiked many of the uphills in the beginning and towards the tail end of the run (my legs came back a bit) I started to run them. Great run all around and realize I MUST DO THIS to get my mileage in before VT.

During our conversation up, down and around the mtn., Jesse alerted me to a new trail system in Leominster called the Moonosnoc Trail. It can be found close to Leominster State Forest to which then can be connected to the Mid-State and Wachusett. This has "long run" written all over it.

Monday morning - legs tired. I put my running clothes on and drove directly to the high school to shower (bypassing all the trail system I usually run at). Didn't even think twice about not running. Should have slept another hour.


  1. The Northern section of the trail is the hillier and more scenic section, definitely worth checking out. Monday was a good day for a rest for me too.

  2. Cool, may check it out this weekend.