Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Now to the Taper

Ran at Rayburn this morning with Jesse. Rain was coming down pretty good on arrival but then tapered off mid-way through the 53 minute run. Showed Jesse just a preview of the many trails located at this "gem". Looking to take Wed-Fri off completely. No floor hockey!!!! Want my legs fully rested and my mind ready to go on Saturday morning.


  1. Looking forward to Saturday too! Take care of the ankle and see you dark and early (although not quite as early as a couple of weeks ago!).

  2. Justin, where's this years Wapack odds report???

  3. Josh - the ankle is getting better by the day, and with three days of complete rest, I should be close to 100%. A 5am start will be like "sleeping in" compared to our start a few weeks ago!!!

    Ryan - told myself i wasn't going to do them this year. Put a bit of pressure on myself (and maybe others for that matter) by making them public. Actually just sent out an email to Bryon Powell of Irunfar concerning the competitiveness of this years' race and all the runners who I think may be in contention. May just have to place some odds next to their name and post it here....