Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fresh Legs

Aside from a few games of hoops and marathon game of floor hockey yesterday, this morning marked the first day back on trail since Wapack. Initially, only my quads were sore and just about everything else felt fine (leads me to believe that I need to do some more downhill mountain training!). After sleeping in a few days, loading up on the calories, I feel back to normal.

Had an awesome tempo on the Rayburn trails this morning. Couldn't really believe how fast and smooth I was running. Temps were perfect (52F) and the mind just wandered. Getting real anxious about my graduate studies starting up. Glad to begin, but I haven't taken any schooling since my undergrad 10 years ago. Yikes!!

Going to be tough to manage everything but in talking with the boss (my wife) and the other boss (my bro in law landscaper boss), they both are willing to give me time I need to get my studies done. Days will be shorter (landscaping-wise) once my teaching job ends. I go full-time on the lawn crew and generally work 8 - 4. I'll have some time after work to hit the books and still have dinner with the fam. Sounds good in theory.

Looking ahead, the MSGT Fat Ass is in a few weeks up in New Hampshire. If all things go well with my wife's pregnancy, we should be able to head up for the day. Looking past that, the VT100 looms in the distance.

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