Friday, April 6, 2012


Well, my  training leading up to tomorrow's Nothern Nipmuck 16 Miler has been crap. A few easy runs and one good tempo is about all I have to show for it. I would like to compete in this race with the big guns, but I seem to be running on fumes lately.

Looking at the race results from the past years, a two hour finish time will be sufficient to get a top position, but this year, the Merrimack Trail Race (which has been run the same day as NN in the past), is a week later this year. That means more of the top guns will probably be showing up and more likely pushing the pace.

Anyhow, the trail seems rugged with many ups and downs, something I run well on, so I'm not going to count myself out. Just going to show up and race day, run my ass off for as long as I can, and see where that puts me. Actually kind of excited I'll be done a race in a few hours. Not one of my normal half day/full day outings.

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