Saturday, April 14, 2012


Had about an hour to run this afternoon and decided to hit some old/new spots in Rutland. I've run the rail trails there previously, but it must have been about 3 years since I've ran them. The first one ended abruptly after about 1.5 miles. Just, I hoped in the car and headed to the next section just down the street aways. Driving away, I actually remembered telling myself not to run there many years ago due to its shortness.

The next rail trail went on longer. I hit a newly created section that included an underpass going below a major roadway. I remember hearing news about this and how much it would cost. Anyway, I traveled for another 200 yards or so and then the trail just ended at the intersection of street. Not sure where to go or what to think, so I turned around.

Thought to myself, an underpass costing many thousand dollars to add 200 yards to the rail trail???? Met a mt. biker on my way back and he said if I went right about 100 yards at the street intersection, the rail trail continues for another 11-12 miles. Good thing there were signs telling me this.....

Will definitely need to check out the rest of this rail trail asap!!!!


  1. If you park on 122 near Rutland State Park that section of the rail trail links up with the Midstate trail that is very runnable in that area. In one direction it is singletrack for about 6 miles out and in the other it is a mix of singletrack and dirt roads that leads about 10 miles out past Barre Falls Dam. Its worth checking out, I've put together some good loops here.

  2. Cool info. Thanks Jesse. Do you trail run often in the area. I'm looking for trail runners in the area to run with. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. I live on the Holden/WB side of Worcester and run trails in the area. I am also looking for other runners to run with. I am a bit slower than you, I ran the recent Northern Nipmuck race in about 3hrs. If you want to get together for a run, email me at