Thursday, March 15, 2012

Working It

The landscaping season started yesterday and my bro in law had me hauling 50lb blocks up and down a driveway. We are building a uni-lock wall and it should take us awhile. Good strength training in my eyes, as I'm lifting them off pallets, then squatting them to the ground in piles.

Got in a 5k with the kiddies yesterday. Run felt super easy in just under 20 minutes. Only pushed the last lap. A good confidence booster for me personally, as sub-7 minute miles are feeling easier and easier.

Played 45 minutes of ultimate Frisbee last block for some good cross training. Dominated as usual.

Getting super psyched about the TARC 6 Hour on Sunday. Looking to do some serious damage. Got some new kicks coming in the mail as well. Thanks Tecnica!!!

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