Friday, March 9, 2012

Raining Three's

The tip-off for the student-faculty game is today at 3PM. I slept in again this morning, with hopes that fresh legs on the bball court would produce some magic. I haven't played in quite some time. Competitively, I say 4 years. I played in high school, intramural in college (#1 ranked team baby - and beat the varsity scrubs one time, cool story too) and played in many men's leagues around the area. Funny thing is, with me out of coaching (bball) for a few years, not many of these kids think I can ball. Wait till 3, I'm gonna make sure they never forgot.

Legs a little tired from yesterday's 8 mile sprint with Gleason. At 6:24/mile, I would say that's the fastest I've run for 8 in awhile.

Looking to go for 3 hours tomorrow with Ben on the a 3.5 mile loop course to simulate the TARC 6 Hour event next Sunday. Should be fun...

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