Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No Sleep/No Run

Tossed and turned till about 3AM last night then adjusted my alarm from 4AM till 5:30AM. After I did this I slept till 5:25AM??? Felt good to get a few solid hours under my belt. Almost feel refreshed which is surprising for 2.5hrs of sleep.

Talk to some people about why I'm not sleeping. Stress was a big one, then over-training (which I'm not). If anything, I think I'm under-trained for what I'm training for... Another was nutrition. My nutrition has been crap lately. My wife is pregnant (not blaming way!) but she's been buying ice cream (my one and only favorite snack) and I can't seem to keep my nose out of the freezer come 8PM....

Brought my running clothes for this afternoon. My bro in law (landscaper boss) said with the temps in the mid 50's and snow on the ground, our area is going to be a mud pit and we won't be working. May have to stick to the roads though on the run....


  1. Give melatonin a try man. It'll knock you out and you'll get more bang for your buck sleeping. It also resets your sleep cycle to what you want it to be, and it's not addicting. I can stop taking it for 2 weeks and still sleep fine without it. It's a great tool for the nights when I can't sleep or want to get a good night's sleep.

  2. Good call. Remember you talking about it. Will give it a try asap. Thanks.