Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Plans

Bagged the run this morning as prep for the fat ass in NH that I probably won't even do. A 3+ hour drive for a 4+ hour run, then a 3+ hour drive back home (think cold, salty and tight). Planning on  doing a long stretch of the Mid-State Trail, 30-40 miles, on either sat/sun. Anyone want to join???

I haven't really seen the south bound trail from Watatic and need to know the terrain for my FKT run in April. Also haven't been on the Oxford section (many paved miles i think), so those would be the two sections I'd choose between. A running partner would be great (just sayin) and spotting a car at the other end would allow us to get more unrepeated trail miles in.

Got 5.5 miles at Rayburn in the pm. I was riding home and new I had a little over an hour before my wife and daughter got home. Pulled in, changed in the car and went full bore on the single track. Awesome run. Saw two dog walkers, a trail runner and a mt. biker. I never see anyone when I run there at 445am. It was nice to see others out getting some exercise.

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