Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mt. Washington Road Race

Threw my name into the lottery today for the MWRR. A wee bit excited to find out mid-March if I'm going to be huffing it up the big hill. I've hiked it a few times and know the terrain quite well.  My wife and I  also walked up the auto road a few hours before the race to cheer on a college buddy. We tagged the summit then made are way back down as the leaders were hitting the 6 mile mark. Unbelievable how fast they were moving after such an exhusting climb.

Ran the hassenamessit woods this morning. Trails were clear of all blowdowns that occured durin the freak October snowstorm. 6 miles, easy pace. Knee is feeling so much better. A slight twinge here and there but no pain.

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