Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Baaaack....Almost

Ran 6 at the wheeler rd trails and the williams property this morning. About 10 minutes in, my knee started throbbing, I started swearing, debated walking it in, then twenty seconds later (or when the swear fest finished up), the pain went away. Not sure what to make of it. Finished the run feeling good, just felt nervous with every step.

We have a full-time athletic trainer here at the high school...may have her take a peek this afternoon.

On another note, one of my college buddies finally checked out my blog. He said it was cool but lacked pics. So with that in mind, my cheap ass went on Craig's list and found a nice $35 digital with a case. Picking it up today and will test it out sometime in the next week or so. Not sure pics of places I run at 4:45am will be of any use to anyone...


  1. Justin,

    Great story about getting "arrested." I've had similar experiences myself! I wanted to check with you to see what the White Mountain Fat Ass next weekend is all about - I've never heard of it, and am interested. Let me know (

    Hope you heal up well.


  2. what are you saying? a moonlight view of lake ripple would be my desktop background in a heart beat

  3. Thanks Josh, quite the "experience". I fwd the info over to you.

    Ben - I'll get that pic out to you asap, I'll make sure to get cancans and dd in the background to add to the wilderness experience we get in grafton.