Sunday, February 12, 2012


As I posted yesterday, and in the past, my need for a trail out my back door....we'll I may have to put that on hold for a bit....

I woke up and left the house as quietly as I could at around 6:30am. With 2 rakes in my hand and twinkle in my eye, I hit the semi-made trail behind my house then onto the trail (already there) down towards the train tracks and river. I figured with the water running, nobody would here my raking.

After about an hour, and making some serious headway, I turned around to find 3 police officers on the train tracks. I quickly made my way over to them and the following conversation ensued.

Hi guys, whats up?

What are you doing out here? We've got two complaints of a guy raking out in the woods at 7am on a Sunday morning.

Ah, I'm building a trail. Trying to connect my back yard to the conversation land. I thought I'd do it discreetly.

Aren't you cold? (it was about 10 degrees)

No, as long as I keep moving.

Why do you want to build a trail to the conservation land?

I run trails. Actually I run ultras. I've run 100 miles before in a race and thought it would be cool to be able to run out my back door.

You're crazy.

You're not burying bodies out here are you?

No. I'm not that crazy.

We'll we got two calls and had to come see what was going on. We're not going to do anything though.
Do you know who's land this is?

We'll its not mine, it's not the new developments, so I'm thinking it the railroad company's.

OK. If it is, that's an arrest-able offense. If the the railroad company saw you... that would be bad.

OK. What should I do?

I would go home for now. It's early. I would do this more during the day time. And if the train company sees you, that's an arrest-able offense.


So...what's the take home message here? I can build the trails....but....not too early....and hope that the train company (which has trains go by like 2x/day) doesn't see me. I may just put this project on hold till the spring when the leaves fill in and hide me from the police calling neighbors (I know they weren't mine...they all go to Florida for the winter).

Granted, I'm on someone else's property...raking a path, not even cutting or removing trees, just raking a path and I get busted. I'll owe up to that. But c'mon folks, It's a guy building a path in the woods, I'm not selling coke to your kids and not stealing money from the elderly. I'm just trying to make my exercise routine a little easier. WTF!!!

Guess I should move to the Alaska were nobody will bother me.

After that situation, I got in my car (and burned gas, money, polluted the environment etc...) and drove to the rail trail for 5.5 miles. Knee felt good but not great. I'm making progress and the rest has helped. Still need to be cautious though (with running that is...;)


  1. This is awesome. Actually cool that the cops did not feel obliged to bust ya.

  2. Thanks GZ! Now that my frustration is out, I'm realizing I'm pretty lucky they didn't haul me away!!!

  3. now we have both gotten in trouble with the cops in the past month.....mine was a little worse though. Can't believe someone would call the cops on you for that.