Thursday, January 26, 2012

Distance Contest

So here at the high school the PE dept. and myself have devised a contest to get the faculty moving. Through the month of Feb. those participating will be wearing a pedometer to measure their steps. In teams of five, the steps will be totalled weekly coming up with weekly winners (gift cards!) and then a team and overall champ at the end (more gift cards, t-shirts and bragging rights).

There are 13 teams of 5, so many of the faculty and staff are participating which is great. The department made the decision that I should not be on a  team a must compete as "a team of one".  I am hearing preliminary numbers coming in from those greasing up their pedometers and 10,000 steps seems to be the norm. I also hear that 2,000 steps is a mile. I ran 6 miles today, so 12, 000 steps for me (and I've decided I'm not going to wear a pedometer all day like the others) which has me thinking. Five people at 10, 000 steps apiece (avg) is 50,000 steps a day.

I either need to start running longer in the AM (which would be a good thing) or start doing serious long runs on the weekends to make up for the deficit (which I should be doing anyway instead of my 1. 5hr longish run....). Either way this is going to get me to run more (good) and the faculty here at GHS to move a bit more (a very good thing).

Here is the link to the google docs page in case you want to keep track of the standings. It doesn't start till Feb 1 so hold on tight, this should be exciting.


  1. 10 bucks says team 2 wins, and another 10 bucks says 2 months from now you find out naughton rigged his pedometer so that he would win

  2. ^ everyone at this point should know he is going to cheat and say he climbed everest with it on or something.

  3. Pedometer? I don't think he is using one. Said he was just going to count the steps in his head...