Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Autographs Anyone??

Guess I made the front page of the local e-newspaper. While on that topic. Holy S#$%@! Why didn't anyone tell me my  nose was so GD huge. That thing could poke an eye out, I mean wow. I guess I haven't seen a profile of myself in awhile....

On another note, my body hurts. Neck, right knee and finger are all floor hockey induced injuries or pains. I guess 3 hours of hard core FH over two days will do that to you. Got in 3.5 miles this morning and should have never left my bed. I should have slept like my body is telling me to. No FH today and maybe even no run tomorrow and Fri. Must heal up for the race on Saturday.

Rant of the day: I posted a message on the Central Mass Strider message board looking for a morning running partner. Someone faster to get me going. No replies in 5 days. CMS blows. This is the second time I've posted and no replies. Some running group....and I almost joined them. Glad I saved the 20 bucks. Don't want to sound too negative towards the club but I thought CMS was a huge running club with many runners, running at all different times. Is there nobody running in the early AM?? Maybe I'm the only crazy one!!!

Anyone out there that wants to run fast at 4:45am Mon-Fri please contact me!!!! Oh and preferably in the Central MA area...THANKS!


  1. Good on ya for working that program.

  2. GZ - thanks. Its rewarding in so many different ways for these young people. I don't think they will fully understand their impact on others lives till they get older. Also, thanks for checkin the blog.