Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today's Run and Post Nougat Reflections

Ran an easy 3.75 today. I was solo and hoping a few students would pep up my step but they were a no-show. Felt good to get a little something in. My legs are fine, I'm just flat out tired. NEED SLEEP!!!!

Had some reflections on the race I wanted to get down before I forgot them.

- spoke with Steve Latour about many things during my hour break. I told him about my 2,000 mile goal for the year and he thought with my performance history I would have more miles by now. I do think I could attain more miles, but with teaching PE and landscaping, I'm on my feet all day and probably helps me in the "time on feet" theory. I may shoot for 2,500 to 3,000 for next year.

- spoke with Steve and Jeff Lane about creating and directing trail races. Steve detailed the cost and process needed to organize one. I've always thought that central MA has missed out on the ultra scene and I want to change that. Possible trail systems in which I could see it happen at would include the mid-state trail, whitehall state park and leominster state forest

- Resting an hour, filling my face with junk and driking Coke after 40 miles made me feel superhuman. May want to remmember this one for future 100 milers. Never give up, just take a long break.

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