Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Break and Today

Went down to DC to visit my in-laws over break. Had a blast as usual but was only able to sneak in one run in the four days we were down there. Walked a bunch with my wife and daughter which was just what I needed. Ate a ton of food while there and stayed even on the scale (checked it when I got home) to my surprise. Enjoyed spending multiple days in a row with my wife and daughter, something that has been hard to do lately (that damn work thing...)

Completely bagged out of any run or workout this morning. I didn't post anything for the PE extra help club over the weekend and just need the sleep I guess. Maybe resting my body may be a good thing (you think??).

Need 108 miles in 34 days for 2,000 on the year.  A 5k everyday will get me there.

Update: ended up playing about an hour of floor hockey, completing a workout (amrap in 20min of 400m run and max push-ups) and ran 4.25 miles total.

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