Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghost Train Ultra Odds

Not really sure how to pick this one. It's a 30 hour time limit and you try to do as many 7.5 mile out and back's as possible. Who wins? First to 100?  Most miles in 30 hours?  Not sure, but I'm going to run until I can't run anymore.

2-1 Justin Contois - can't be modest here. I am hungrier than a pack of wolves. I want this 100 so bad I can taste it.

3-1 David Boudreau - 19 and change at Rocky Raccoon 100 this year is solid. I ran with Dave at Stonecat last year. Good guy with steady pace.

4-1 David Huss - Impressive 100 mile at Grindstone (25hrs) and Mohican (29hrs)

5-1 Laura Bleakley - impressive resume with many 100 miler finishes (Leadville, VT, Rocky). May surprise all here.

6-1 Ben Kissam - doesn't run much, but has balls of steel. Going for first 100 and won't stop till he gets it.

7-1 Mark Swistak - solid results in shorter races

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