Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5k Walk in 36 minutes

So you think you can do this? 5k. 3.1 miles around a track in 36 minutes. That breaks down to 12 minutes per mile. 3 minutes per lap. I had my students do this today in class to show them the difference between walking (albeit fast walking) and running (which we did the prior class). They were stunned to see (and feel) how tough it was. I heard "this will be easy", "is he joking", "do we have to hold a plate while we walk?". Just wait kiddies.

So off we went on a tear around the track...walking. Walking fast, real fast. The kids started to feel it by lap 2 or 3. My hip flexors they cried and shins and calves too. A group of 5 finished with me at 35:40 with all the rest coming in just over or close to 36 minutes. Solid effort by all... for just walking.

Besides this, got in another 3 miles at an easier pace...walking as well.

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