Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain Man

Ran in the pouring ran this morning. It was actually invigorating. Temps were comfortable (mid 50's) and the rain tapered off towards the end. Started on the roads near school and ended up doing a mile on the new track. This track, field, new school is huge for our community and I'm psyched to be part of it. The track is unreal. Felt like i was running on a cushion. Total run time was 1:01 for 7 miles.

Ran in the rain again this afternoon with the cross country team. Landscaping was out due to the rain and decided to give it a go with the boys. These dudes can fly. The coach, P. Gleason, is an absolute machine and his protege, C. Davis is a senior stud who's the best in CMASS D2 by far. These two were pushing me to my limits. Ended up doing 8 miles in 53 flat (6:38 pace..ouch!!). 

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