Friday, July 1, 2011


Ran the roads this morning on which my wife and I walked for pretty much everyday of four years. When we had an appt. in grafton we would do this loop and would often hear people at the grocery store or in the neighbourhood call us "the walkers". It was nice to see some of the properties kept up, others in disrepair and some on the market.

Was going to go for a long run this am, but I had to work early on the landscape front so only could get in a modest effort. Run was 5.8 miles in 47:44.

Headed up the whites this weekend with the fam and the rents. Also running in the loon mt race. Should be a 5.7 mile lung buster to the top. No taper, no rest days. Just going in blind and running hard. Top 20 would be nice and it looks like sub 60 would do it from last years results.

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