Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Think I'm Moving to Antarctica

This mornings run started with a temperature of 60 degrees and low humidity. And I ran fine. I ate possibly a little more yesterday and stayed hydrated (1 brew in the evening) but did nothing different. I know I've always competed better in cooler temps (my rough going in NF DC Challenge proves this) and it has surely been a struggle this summer with consistent temps in the 90's all day and even temps in the high to mid 70's with humidity in morning (when i run).

Looking forward to getting back up the whites. This time for a week starting tomorrow. I plan on getting numerous trails runs in from an hour to 4 hours in length. This will be my last week of mileage as my taper will begin upon returning. I'm thinking about 12-15 miles two weeks out and 5 miles tops the week of the race.

Check this article and vid at runtowin

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