Friday, June 3, 2011

Sleepin In

Ran the holden rail trail and some trails surrounding it this morning. I took a personal day from school due to a dentist appointment (I hate the dentist...) and was able to sleep till 6:30 and be on the trail by 7am. Six miles in an hour and two, easy paced.

Jay and a few college buddies are running the worcester half marathon on sunday ($70 entry fee...yikes!) and one of them had to drop out due to an injury. He asked if I wanted the number and said sure why not. I love road running (not) but need a long run. I am thinking of getting up real early. Running the course once before the actual start, then joining Jay and his buddy for the start of the race. If I can't get out of bed I may just run it once during the actual race then do it again. We'll see how it shakes out sunday morning.

Going to work all day tomorrow on the landscape front (money makin!) but will probably have to take day off from running. I have had a bit of running streak going for me (20 days) but sadly it will end tomorrow. I'm not gettin up early and probably will be smoked after putting down 15 yards of mulch. We'll see.

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