Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly and Recovery Run

Ran an easy 3.5 at the rail trail this evening in holden. Quads felt tired from the downhills, but everything else felt ok. Ran in the NB 101's again (two days in a row) and finally wore them without socks this time. I heard thats what cool kids do and I gave it shot. Unreal. Awesome ventilation and no hot spots. I've been liking this shoe more and more every time I run in it.

Got 41 miles in for the week, which is pretty low by any standards. I may actually be miscalculating my mileage (all by time and pace, no gps except when Jay runs), probably on the low side. No worries though. Had a fun week trying new spots in northboro and milbury. Got in only 3 days of core training and no strength training. I did however play hoops one day and indoor soccer another day.

Did some yard work both days this weekend and also did some trail work in my backyard. I have some conservation land close by and am trying to link my backyard to the conservation property. I had to make maybe 3 tenths and found an existing trail for about a half mile. The trail then ended at a brook. Not sure where to go but I'm sure I'll find a way.

Did I mention blogger sucks recently. I can't comment on any blogs and most days my posts won't even go through. I sent a message to the blogger commander and he didn't respond. Must be on holiday break....

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