Monday, May 30, 2011


Ran the wheeler road trails this morning at 7am. An odd time for me. Usually its a wee bit earlier than that. Only saw one other runner out there with a pair of dogs. Odd moment occurred. I came up on all of them towards the end of my run and one of the dogs got hold of a chipmunk and mangled it. The lady was going nuts and wanted me to kill it. I said how and she didn't say anything. She then said she was a vet student and hated this type of stuff (good luck with that lady). I thought, no way in hell am I going to power stomp this thing with my $130 pair of Technica's (they were free but still...), so I grabbed the thing with two sticks and hurled it into the lake. The only problem was the dog wasn't finished and jumped in after it. I then said my job here is done, I'm out and left.

Run was 5 miles in 45 minutes. Legs are tired. Real tired. May need a few days rest soon.

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