Thursday, May 19, 2011

Warren Brook/Miscoe Brook

Started the morning at Warren Brook Watershed for 4.5 mile in 46 minutes. I tried some new trails that I missed earlier in the week. Many came to dead ends but I found a trail that will make a nice loop. While I was in the area, the miscoe brook trails, found on george hill road, needed to be checked out. I found out about these trails from one of my students and they didn't let me down. These trails, although not extensive, maybe 2 miles at most, are groomed to the max and very easy to run. Ran 1.5 miles there in 15 minutes. A longer run could be made from these two trail systems as one of the side trails at Warren Brook comes out to george hill rd. A quarter mile road run would connect that spur to the Miscoe brook entrance.

This guy would make a great trail runner!

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