Friday, May 6, 2011

Odds for Wapack 50

Like I said in my Big A 50k odds post, I'm new to this odds thing but did pretty well. I had James Demer at second in odds and he came in second. I had myself at third and I (somehow) managed the win and James Bonnett in fourth and he came in third. So, I would say I had it figured off to Vegas. Just kidding, I'll save my money and just give you the odds for this Saturday's race on the Wapack Trail.

Scott Leslie - 2 to 1 - this guy is by far the fastest dude in the field. He ran a 7:27 50 mile at Vermont and just killed a 50k in Springfield last winter in 3:20 (6:30/miles).  From my point of view he is a shoe in, but can he run up and down mountains fast?

Matt Davenport 3 to 1 - 3 100's completed and 2nd place finish in last years wapack 42. Look for him to finish the course this year on top.

Justin Contois 4 to 1 - got to give myself the nod here. I do well in the mountainous ultras (4th in '10 wapack, 1st at Big A 50k) but struggle on the flatter, more runnable courses (57th NF Challenge DC and 15th Stone Cat). This is by far a mountainous ultra with many "hike only" sections. Recovery of mind and body only issue here.

Shad Hansen 5 to 1 - finished 6th is last years edition and only 10 minutes in back of me. Look for him to be on the podium.

Howie Breinan 6 to 1 -  don't let his age fool you (42), he can run. I ran with him my last lap at the Fells Ultra and he can move. He is training for Hardrock and may use this as a training run, but expect him to finish towards the top on this tough course.

Scott Patnode 7 to 1 - runs quite a bit, short and long. Did well at wapack 42 last year (9th). Could be a dark horse if he wants it.

There may be some people I missed or some that have not run an ultra (all results found on All I know is that it's going to be a battle tomorrow out there in them mountains.

All photos courtesy of Steve Pero


  1. Good luck !!

    By the way, what's your height? I've found that taller people tend to do pretty well in the mountainous stuff.

  2. I'm 5'8" and what I'd like to call "vertically challenged". Thanks for the postive encouragment. I'll need it!