Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Re-Cap

Well, I didn't even manage 20 miles for the week but I feel like I've worked my body harder this week than any of my big mileage weeks. I'm not sure if this is a plus for my ultra running endeavours but time will only tell.

As for my goal of 225 miles for the month of April, they have pretty much been squashed. Which is fine. I have a 50k this coming Saturday and a big 50 miler the following Saturday. Rest is probably better for me now as I will be getting in plenty of miles with these two races.

Strength and core took a back seat to landscaping this week. Although all the different movements (raking, shoveling, lifting 900lb stumps...) probably involved some sort muscle and core work (duh!). 

Injury-wise, my left knee is golden and my right shin is almost there. The rest/non-running has helped both issues.

I bet this guy put in more miles today, than I did all week!

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