Friday, April 8, 2011

Single Track State of Mind

This morning Jay and I took to the single track of rayburn in milbury. We ran a constant pace throughout (10+ min/mile), which was very enjoyable and comfortable after a tough week of running for me. The trails, if you've been to this place, weave in and out of the forest, around the power lines, through swampy regions and up small hills. The footing ranges from rocky and rooty to smooth fast single track.

This run was just what I needed, an easy pace that didn't hurt the body. My feet were a little beat up when I got out of bed. I would think it is because I used two minimalist shoes on back-to-back runs (kinvara and mt101) after not running that way in awhile. I do, however, think that running in minimalistic shoes is helpful, but for me,  just not an everyday thing just yet.

Total run time was an hour and eleven minutes for about 6.75 miles. Looking to go long one of the weekend days. Not sure which though.

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