Thursday, April 7, 2011

Half and Half

I was undecided what I wanted to do this morning. I wanted to hit the trails and try place I haven't been too in awhile but new this place could be wet and could shorten the run considerably. So, I parked at the high school and ran the 2.77 to get to the trail head. Upon arriving, there were puddles, but not bad in spots. I immediately took the power line section down to route 122 which was mostly downhill with few water crossings. Upon hitting 122, I reversed direction, powering uphill this time, right into the on-coming sunrise. Awesome way to start the day.

When I hit the top of the trail, I then took the power lines heading east, which was a bit on the messy side. A side trail turned left and I remembered it looped back around to the parking area off Salisbury st. This trail rolled up hill and wasn't to muddy.

Ran the out and back in the NB 101's. Great shoes just not good for pavement. I ran the whole way back either on the sidewalk grass or in people's front yards. It actually turned out to be a good return with little to no pavement except for oak st.

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