Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Note to Self

Note to self: when its 50 degrees out, don't wear tights, under armour and a long sleeve tech wick. When I closed my garage this morning I knew I was in for a sweat-feat.

A new run this morning for me. I wasn't sure what to expect with a mix of road and trails on tap. One of my students told me about a trail that connects two neighborhoods that are quite hilly and I wanted to give it a try. The run started at the high school then up brigham all that way to the mass pike bridge. From there a trail dove into the woods and paralleled the pike until you hit the lordvale development. I was actually looking for a another trail within the development to link up with rayburn but could not find it. I continued to run around the development looking into the woods every now and then (probably looked like a creep if you saw me...) then headed back home.

Total run time was an hour and six minutes for 7.3 miles.


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