Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fogged Out

This morning's run consisted of many puddles being hopped, slick mud traversed and wet shoes at the end. It was still misting at 4:35am with thick fog as far as you looked. I tried a new morning runs starting from the dorthy pond parking lot on riverlin st. I've run these trails with Ben a few times but never really explored them extensively. I took the old railroad bed right and headed towards the mass pike. I took the first left and meandered my way around for about 30 minutes until finding myself back near the mass pike overpass on deernolm st in grafton. I knew where I was at this point. I then took a trail under the bridge and found a new set of powerlines to explore. I only ran them for about 10 minutes (had to back track to get to work on time!) but they seemed like a good fit for what I'm looking for. Rolling hills, not too technical and can be fast if you want to run hard. Going to explore them more now that I found a more direct route to them (which I discovered on the way back).

Seven miles in 1:15. I was crawling in the beginning. Body feels good though.

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