Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Run and PE Conference

Uneventful road run on the roads near my house in holden. 49 minutes and 6.4 miles. A bit icy in spots so had to watch my step closely.

I went to a PE conference down in seekonk, ma. There were 24 pe teachers there and I would say 70% were overweight and out of shape (not fit). It was a decent seminar that included plenty of physical activity. Many will probably have to take the day off tomorrow due to strained muscles, aches and pain. Sad, real sad.

Are we not the ones that teach and preach health and fitness!!! Shouldn't we set the example!!!! Sorry, rant over. It just burns me when I see this.


  1. Me and Dan will be 2 that don't fit the new PE teacher mold. Going to do it right. That drives me more crazy than anything. Future of America's obesity at their hands and they can't control their own weight. Sad.

  2. Can't wait to make that difference