Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beat By a Skunk

Jay and I ran the hills course plus Magnolia this morning (8.9 ) miles. The legs felt strong the entire time. On the descent of Magnolia we ran into a skunk on the the sidewalk. The little bugger was running at a good clip, actually, a little faster than us and we were moving. We kept our distance as to not get sprayed.

Ran in some new shoes again this morning. The Saucony Mirage was the shoe of choice. It is lighweight but stable and felt comfortble on my peds. Actually, it  felt like nothing was on my feet (I think they are 9oz) while going up the hills. Although I hate the roads, trying on this new pair got me excited to see how fast I can go on the tar.


  1. I've met girls with less pairs of shoes than you

  2. I know...I have a shoe fettish issue. I won't deny it. For what its worth, I believe it has helped with my non-injuries (knock-on-wood). With all the different pairs (road and trail) my feet never get accustomed to just one mold and don't seem suseptible to overuse. Every shoe seems to fit differently, which in a biomechanical way is good thing.