Friday, December 31, 2010

First Post!

Good afternoon all,

This is my first post....ever. I have been kicking around the idea of creating a blog for almost a year now. I routinely check-up on many blogs and I suppose they have all inspired me in a way to create my own. So here it goes....

The main reason for me creating this blog, is to keep records of my runs, bikes, and hikes. Basically an on-line reference/notebook for me to look at and hopefully see my improvements, accomplishments and failures.

So on to today's run!!!

I was recently on a run at a local rail trail and met up with a xcountry skier who mentioned a trail system that I had never heard of. After living in town for nearly three years, I thought I had found all the trails it had to offer....boy was I wrong!  Finding this new trail system excites me like no other. Call me what you will, wierd, unusual, I will not be offended. I simply am searching for the "perfect trail". I do not mean this in a literal sense, but purely to keep things fresh and exciting. I know all you other trail runners know what I mean. That perfect track through the hardwoods, brook running off to the right, steep climb in the distance and no one else around to disturb. The more places I run for the first time, the more exciting and invigorating trail running becomes (remember that first bike you got with the training wheels on it...yeah thats what i mean!).

Some sweet "single track" in the white mts!!!

So needless to say, I enjoyed about an hour's run on these new trails. Probably exploring only about 50% of what they have to offer. It contained a mix of flat rail trail and some single track with a little elevation change. Footing was tough in areas due to the warming weather and melting snow. Used stabilizer sport for traction. Can't wait to head back and see what else the system has to offer.

Tomorrow looks like a longer run, probably 2-3 hours in prepartion for the GAC Fat Ass 50k next weekend. Headed out with a former student and budding ultra runner Ben to get our last minute checks on gear, footwear and aid station equipment.

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