Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rollin with the Punches

First post in awhile dealing with myself and training. Been busy on the moving front and graduate school endeavor, so free time has been nonexistent.

My training has improved ever so slightly and the confidence is coming back. I'm running most mornings and even thinking (key word) of doing another one in the evening.

Mileage is still lacking and no long runs as of yet....until this past weekend. Pemi Loop!! (Jesse's post)

Also spent some time up in the Whites with the family three weekends ago. Got to spend some time in the river (cold, no very cold!) and got to see a bike race at Loon Mtn. Fun times all around.

I had my first brew up there at the Woodstock Station. To note this was my first beer in almost a year. I must find out why I get an upset stomach and splitting headache after just one beer...

Got some new shoes. In fact its the first pair of shoes I've had to pay for in two plus years. Tecnica has issues with their Spring 2013 line and nothing new will be shipped to the US this year. I opted for a pair (or two!) of Hokas.

I'm mainly running in the Stinson Evo's for trail and the Bondi B's for the road. Both shoes contain a ton of cushion and have definetly helped in my recovery from my TARC 54.5 mile win...

Moved all my stuff down to VA a few weekends ago. Just got my running gear and landscaping clothes up north. I plan on being up here till the second week in August and then southbound I go.

And I just recently accepted a Health and Physical Educator position at a local high school. This was the final piece of the puzzle. Now I can breath!!!

Looking ahead, I have a busy few weekends coming up. I'll be pacing and crewing at the Vermont 100, running the Bear Brook Marathon and finishing up my White Mountain 4,000' list the first weekend in August.

Down in VA I have a 12-Hour Race planned mid-September in the Prince William Forest and the Grindstone 100 in October. Also heard of this thing called "The Ring" put on by the Virginia Happy Trail Running Club. I think I may give it a go.

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