Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting To Know the TARC - Liana Kolodenker

She has run Boston, the TARC Spring Thaw and is now going to tackle the TARC 50 miler this June. Her blog is called "Run to Munch"  where she gives us updates on her training miles and recovery dishes. Please  give it up for Liana Kolodenker.  

How did you get into running? I got a desk job and realized I hated sitting still.   Started running for the general girl vanity reasons.   Fell in love with running after running a half marathon in 2011 and limping for a week.   I guess I'm a masochist.   I got into trail running through some Daily Mile friends after the TARC 50K in 2012.   However, I'm still a relative newb to the trails.   

What does your weekly training look like? I   try to run at least 50 miles   a week.   At the moment I'm hitting 60-80 but after the 50 miler,   I'll probably be back on the 40-50 miles a week.   Currently, I do 1-2 days of two runs a day, a lot of my runs during lunch.   On weekend I try to get one long trail run and one long road run.   

You ran the TARC Spring Thaw in March, was this your first foray into trail running? I ran the TARC 50K last year and loved it.   TARC Spring Thaw was my second trail race and just reconfirmed my love for it.

You are signed up for the TARC 100/50!! Are you excited about going for 50 miles??? I'm terrified!   I'm scared of the dark!   

What got you into ultra running in the first place? My addiction to running.   Trying to get faster was too harder, so I decided to just run further instead.

What is your favorite race? Trail or Road. I love all TARC races for trails.   For road, Boston Marathon because my friends are spread throughout the whole course.

Your favorite trail to run is…? Hmm, I've run so few!   I'd say the Fells for proximity but I'm still searching for a favorite.

One piece of advice for a newbie runner would be…? Run at an easy pace more often than a hard pace, it prevents injuries

10 in 60 (10 questions in 60 seconds. One or two word answers will suffice or the first thing that comes to mind)

1. Solo runs or group runs? Solo
2. Favorite trail shoe? Innov 8s Roclite but those are the only ones I tried
3. Technical or non-techy trails? Non-techy, I hate falling, I hate rock climbing
4. Favorite aid food? Girl scout cookies
5. Music while you run? Podcasts, sometimes music on roads, not ready for distractions on trails
6. Biggest running accomplishment to date? BQing, Running the full 6 hours on TARC Spring Thaw
7. Cold or warm weather? Cold, I like layers
8. Run mountains or run flats? Mountains, but I hate running downhill, okay not hate, more like fear
9. Water or Gatorade? Water
10. I run trails because... It's never the same experience

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