Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is It Spring??? I Can't Tell Around These Parts...

Rail Trail - Holden, MA
April 6th, 2013

Please melt!
I am sick of you!!!

A good 6" or more in areas and many icy spots still lingering here and there. Got a chance to wear my buddies Hokas too. First time I've had the chance to take them for a spin and they felt great. Super cushioned, more so than the Tecnica Diablos I've been running in, and they were even a size up than my normal 10. I think I may go buy a pair due to the fact that Tecnica's new line won't be out till the end of April and I need some new trail kicks. 

Time to Fly??

Great day for a trail run along the Quinapoxet River 


  1. We were out there today! The trails are better than the mountain, at least. It was nice to get some actual TRAIL running in! :)

  2. Looks like they're getting there. Shouldn't be long now.

  3. We're all clear around here! Always welcome - just let me know.

    1. Thanks Josh! I'm headed down to DC for the Bull Run 50 this weekend and for a week of fun with the win-laws. When I get back, we'll have to hook up for a training run or two!

  4. Well, we've certainly got our annual o'dark o'clock Spring Classic training run to look forward to. Have fun at Bull Run!