Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting To Know the TARC - Karna Skoog Hyman

Welcome to the next edition of "Getting to Know the TARC". In this installment, we will be learning about a fellow club member that is tearing up the ultra running scene. Watch out because Karna Skoog Hyman is on a roll! 

How did you get into trail and ultra running. Did you have a running background growing up?

Well, this is Mar 2011, I saw in my TV Guide, that Dean Karnazes was running across the United States, so I googled him, and then ultra marathons, and somehow, information about The North Face Endurance Challenge, D.C. appeared and I immediately thought, I want to do the 50 mile race in June!!!  So I found a training plan and somehow got myself ready to do my first ultra and I was hooked from the get-go!!!  I have been running for over 20 years and did my first marathon, San Diego Rock 'n' Roll, in 2007 and ran it again in 2008. 

You’ve run some really great races lately. A third at Jack Bristol, just last week, a second at the Ghost Train 100, UROC 100k and 24 hours at Around the Lake during 2012.  I would say that you are on a roll! Tell us about your training and what it takes to finish at the front.

Thank you very much.  I just show up on race day, and it is what it is....hahaha!  My training...oh boy!  I followed a training plan for my first 50-miler, but that is the only time I have followed a plan.  I trained on the road and treadmill for my 10 ultras!  Since moving to RI last summer, I have done a few trail runs with a friend who also does ultras.  I am still figuring out my food and hydration during ultras!  I just keep moving forward and focus on crossing the finish line, healthy and strong.

What are some of your running goals for 2013?

To stay healthy and do whatever races that will fit into my schedule!

Describe the perfect trail run?

Partly cloudy and the temperature is around 50 and the scenery is spectacular.  I don't trip or fall and I don't have to worry about snakes or wild animals.

Where do you do your trail training and what is your favorite New England trail to run on?

I have done the most trail runs at Burlingame State Park.  

I see that you’ve signed up for the TARC 100! What are your goals for this race?

I am excited about doing TARC100!  I have the same goal for every cross the finish line, healthy and strong!!  I would like to get under 24 hours, too!  :-)

I like to ask fellow trail and ultra runners about the balance between family life and running life. How do you balance it?

The balance...well, I don't train as much as I probably should.....but I'm okay with it.  My husband and daughter are very supportive and understand that I love to run.  I try to do some long runs during the week, so we can have family time on the weekends.

10 in 60 (10 questions in 60 seconds. One or two word answers will suffice or the first thing that comes to mind)

  1.Bonking?  Yes...unfortunately...ugh!!! 
  2.Types of shoes you wear? Brooks Cascadia and Mizuno Wave Rider
  3. Favorite aid station food? All of it...hahaha!!
  4. Ever want to give Western States a try??? Yes!!!
  5.Mountain runs or fast and flat? Mountain runs
  6. Favorite trail/ultra race? I like all my races for different reasons!
  7. Ipod on the run? And what’s on the playlist? No iPod.....
  8. Furthest you’ve run in a training run? Around 27.....on a treadmill!!!!
  9. Uphill or downhill? Uphill. :)
  10. Favorite running related quote (can be any amount of words) Not just for running....."Pain is weakness leaving the body."

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