Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strolla Jog

Hit the rail trail with my little girl in tow this evening (4:45pm). At first I was going to take it out slow then ended up hitting the turn-around at the 3 mile mark in 22:55. Not bad for pushing a 27lb little girl in a BOB stroller on little-to-no sleep. I figured let's go for the negative split and push it on the way back. Hit the parking lot in 44:30 to make it count. Felt good the whole way and the negative split included 2 stops on the way out on the bridges, as my little girls loves to see the river. She fell asleep on the way back so she missed the views for a second time. Good times.

Met up with another couple out on a run with a double stroller...picked their brains a bit on that one. Come to find out they know Jesse...who then shows up with his wife and their little guy! A nice evening for a run with the kiddies!!!

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