Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training Day

Jay, Ben and myself ran at Rayburn this afternoon, getting in as many 3.5 mile loops as possible in 3 hours. Jay bailed after 4 loops, while Ben and I stayed on for a 5th. We both have the TARC 6HR Spring Thaw next Sunday and figured this would be good prep for doing a bunch of loops.

Total run time was 2:49 with 17.5 miles in the bag. All easy running which leads me to believe that 40 miles will be my goal for next week. That's roughly 12 laps of the 3.5 mile course. I will have to push a bit harder than today, but I think its possible. I also believe the terrain we faced today will be much tougher that what we see on Sunday.

Here is a map of the course

Our average lap was 33:56. Here are the splits:

Lap 1- 33:03
Lap 2- 33:00
Lap 3- 33:00
Lap 4- 35:00
Lap 5- 33:00

Pretty even if you ask me!

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