Monday, January 23, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Snowshoed the trails in back of my house on Sunday morning. The first part was packed out by a neighbor and then I bushwhacked for about 30 minutes up and down the steep hilly terrain surrounding Nick's Woods (Great worc land trust property). Total run was 5.5 miles in an hour. Got me thinking again about making some trails in the area. I could def do it, just time would be an issue. I have little to no time for any other endeavours at this point.

Ran the Northboro trails this morning (cold harbor trail). Nicely packed out by sledders, skiers and snowshoe tracks all the way. Good pace for 1:13 at 7.4 miles. Need to get back over to this place regularly.  Good spot.

Snuck in 2 hours of floor hockey after exams today. The kids wanted some time to let the steam out after their testing, which I surely obliged to.

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