Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Ultra Runner in Town

So I had a conversation with the CC coach yesterday, a great dude by the way, about running. He plans to run Boston sub 2:40, which I'm sure he is capable of (PR of 1:42 i think). He mentioned that he did a trail run the other day, about an hour and 45 minutes and felt no pain, 8 min/mile and just enjoyed himself. He then mentioned that he ran 12 on the pavement at break neck speed and hurt for days.

I, of course, went into my road sucks mentality and told him all the benefits of trail running etc etc. He then mentioned that doing 8 min/mile on trail was easy and my 7:52 min/mile pace for 50k didn't seem that daunting. He then said, "I could go 50 miles at that pace, no problem." That was all I needed.

I put it right out there. I said, "ok let's make a deal. You run 50 miles and I don't even care what pace. Just run 50 miles in a race. I in turn will train and race a marathon." (I didn't say road marathon though....). So the deal is on. After Boston, he says he will commence training for a 50. I can't wait to see this!

There is no doubt in my mind that he can run and run fast. But how far?

On a side note, ran 6 with Jay this morning at Rayburn. Icy, wet and wind. Fun times and good conversation.

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