Monday, January 16, 2012

Mt. Wachusett

Ran up and down wachusett mt. a few times today. Was going to do 18-20 but the hills shortened it to 12. I think overall it worked to my advantage. An a hour and 55 minutes compared to probably 3 hours to do 20. The hills felt good. Never really pushed too hard and kept the breathing and heart rate right where it should be on the hills.

Most of the trails were broken out with snowshoes and were super easy to fly on, especially the downhills. A few trails were pretty beat up from post-holing.

Hearing there could be some freezing rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning. Could be an interesting run.

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  1. For some reason it won't let me respond to your post about what I'm going to do so I'm answering here.

    The doctor definitely got me thinking about my back and health in general. I'd like to keep getting stronger and get to the body type I want (i.e. muscular) before I give up on lifting. I'd also like to at least compete once for the experience at a powerlifting meet. But in the end if it's not meant to be and I keep getting hurt I may turn to a new sport or opt to give running all my attention.

    Just think... if I focused on running as much as you do who would be leading those runs? ;)