Saturday, December 31, 2011


I've been patrolling the blogosphere for the past day or so looking at some cool year end reviews. Many talk numbers and what they did compared to last year, others look at the bigger picture and display the cool places and emotions that had during their runs and travels.

For me, I think this was a year of balance. I found a way to be the family man that I've always wanted to be, and also a runner that still has high ambitions and goals on somewhat low mileage. I've found that the morning hours before many even think of getting up is my time to run. I feel awake and fresh and often startle myself how I can just get out of bed and get it done.

I've met many cool people throughout my travels in the ultra circuit and hope to continue that trend in 2012. New races and new places already on tap and I can't wait to get it rolling.

A few highlights of 2011 include: starting this blog and a early morning running club with my high school students. Winning two races at the ultra distance, a 50k and 100 miler. Attempting two mountain races, wachusett and loon, and doing well, 17th and 13th respectively. Becoming an Ambassador for Tecnica Trail Running and my attempt at the Maine 100 Mile Wilderness is something that will stay with me throughout my lifetime.

Looking back at 2011, I ran. Its pretty simple, but its true. I ran to stay healthy. I ran to reach goals. I ran to show others that running in the woods at 4:45am can be fun. I ran because it makes me feel alive. I ran from things. I ran angry and sad. I ran excited and full of joy. I ran because I can. I ran because I needed to. I ran consistently. I ran alone. I ran in packs. I ran up and down, and all around for that matter. I ran and met the coolest people. I ran and became a better runner. I ran because I love to run. In 2011, I ran.

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